Expecting Mothers

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Welcome to Mahoney Pediatrics!

We feel privileged that you would consider us as your future pediatricians. Our model at Mahoney Pediatrics is that we would be your child’s medical home; a place where your child will get the most excellent medical care, in a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment. Below is a FAQ sheet about some of the things you can expect from our practice and providers.

Will I always see my pediatrician?

We will always schedule you with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) for Well Child Check-ups, unless you choose for scheduling and convenience purposes to see another provider. Well Child Check-ups focus on growth and development. We feel that this continuity allows for the best assessment, teaching, and opportunity to address any of your ongoing concerns.

The same applies to Same Day Sick visits. We will always do our best to accommodate your sick child on the same day. We understand that same day sick appointments involve personal scheduling adjustments. If your child’s urgent need means that they must see a provider other than their PCP, you can have confidence in the fact that our doctors work closely together and collaborate regularly in order to take the best care of all our patients.

How Are Emergencies Handled?

Same day sick appointments are always available during regular office hours. Our doctors are on call 24/7. After hours, they can be reached via the on-call phone.

On Saturdays we are open from 9-12 for urgent health concerns that may have developed overnight and can’t wait until Monday. Such as: A high fever, breathing issues, ear pain, sore throat, flu symptoms, etc. If your child should require emergency room care we will send you to Palms West Pediatric ER where we have a close working relationship with the staff providers, as well as access to your child’s medical records.

What if I just have a question?

Newborn mom’s have lots of questions and we want to be the one to answer them! If you have a non-emergent clinical question, you can call the office and our Registered Nurse is available to answer your question over the phone or if more appropriate a tele-visit or in office visit with your provider will be offered.

What about Vaccines?

Mahoney Pediatrics maintains a strict vaccine policy based on the guidelines of the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Our patients are immunized according to this schedule. We do not offer alternative schedules. By having a strong vaccine policy, we assure our patients (especially our newborns) that they will not be exposed to a vaccine preventable disease while in our office or waiting room. While there is no evidence that vaccines cause harm to children, there is overwhelming evidence that vaccines prevent illnesses that have, in the past, caused death or permanently disabled the pediatric population.

Questions about feeding my baby?

At Mahoney Pediatrics we encourage breastfeeding your newborn. Breast milk is the ideal food for infants; perfect in mix of nutrients for brain and eye development, and for infection fighting antibodies. We support the AAP’s recommendation to breastfeed until your child’s first birthday.

We understand that exclusive breastfeeding is not an option for every family, for a variety of reasons. In this situation we will help you choose the right formula for your baby. Whether you choose to breast feed or bottle feed we will offer guidance and support for the happiest and healthiest outcome for you and your baby.

Maternal Vaccinations during pregnancy

Our staff is always available should you have questions. We hope you enjoy your care here with us at Mahoney Pediatrics. We look forward to serving you and your children.

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